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Funny Riddles & Puzzle Jokes

The puzzles and jokes are marked with smileys (☺) denoting the degree of fun of the given puzzle or joke.

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Three Blondes ☺☺☺

Three blondes are celebrating their success in a pub.

The bartender asks them: "Girls, what's the reason for the celebration?"

One of the blondes responds: "Well, we just finished this puzzle and it took us only a month, while the box indicated: 3 to 6 years!"...

Stopping Simultaneously ☺☺

You are riding a horse. In front of you, there is a fire engine. A helicopter is following you. To your left a sports car is driving. To your right there is a depth.

The question: How can you arrange that you will all stop simultaneously, without crashing and without mutual communication?

The answer: Click here!

Pregnancy Test ☺☺

One blonde tells another blonde: "I've done a pregnancy test."
Asks the other blonde: "And, were the questions difficult?"

Jigsaw Puzzle ☺☺

A blonde calls her friend on his cellphone.
Blonde: "I've got a problem!"
Friend: "Tell me."
Blonde: "I've just bought a puzzle, but I can't solve it!"
Friend: "Is it that difficult?"
Blonde: "Yes, I don't know where to start; all pieces look similar!"
Friend: "What's the image on the cover of the box?"
Blonde: "A red cock, but I really can't solve it."
Friend: "Wait a minute; I'll be right there and then we will solve it together!"
A few minutes later the friend walks in.
Friend: "And where is this puzzle of yours?"
Blonde: "It's right here on the table..."
Deep silence falls, and then a sigh...
Friend: "Okay, we will do the following: you'll put all cornflakes back into the box and I'll forget the complete incident."

Enjoy your meal ☺☺☺


You take a bite from your apple and find a worm in the apple.

The question: What is even worse?

The answer: Click here!

Miraculous Mice ☺☺

Mice can multiply very fast. Adult mice can give birth once every month, and baby mice grow into adult mice in just two months after they are born.

The question: If you would buy a baby mouse just after it was born, how many mice would you have in 10 months?

The answer: Click here!

Cold and Dark ☺☺

The question: If you had only one match and entered a cold and dark room, where there were a fireplace, an oil lamp and a candle, which would you light first?

The answer: Click here!

Busy Bus ☺☺


You drive a bus from Rotterdam to Delft. At the first bus stop, 33 people get in. At the second bus stop, 7 more people get in, and 11 passengers step off. At the third bus stop, 5 passengers step off and 2 people get in. After one hour, the bus arrives in Delft.

The question: What is the name of the driver?

The answer: Click here!

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